We operate with NO overhead. All of the travel, food and lodging costs of the co-founders are self funded. Volunteers devote their time, effort and resources to the best of their abilities.


The only exception is direct costs, for e.g., framing and printing costs of the pictures that we sell for fund raising. However, we negotiate hard to keep those costs low and encourage corporations to support us for the chartiable and worthy cause.

EDUCATE (Education and Development of Underprivileded Children Across the Earth) is a not for profit organization that endeavours to provides children around the world with the food, shelter, clothing, education and resources they need in order to survive, live and thrive. 


In Nov 2014, Team EDUCATE went to a poor neighborhood outside of Lima called Tablada de Lurin, to help build a small extension to the educational facility for underprivileged children. With your support and by donating time, resources and funds, EDUCATE was able

to make a small difference in the lives of these children in Peru.