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CRELA has been a tremendous supporter of Educate. Through hosting Events CRELA has raised funds for helping children in need.


CRELA Events

CRELA hosts the largest commercial real estate lenders association in-person and virtual events. Below are some of the events CRELA has hosted which supported Educate.

Q4 2021

 Technology and CRE Debt Industry

Commercial real estate debt space is experiencing tech adoption to what has been long considered “the most traditional industry”. From streamlined operations to automated CIMs and processes, strategically adopting the right tech solutions is now critical for many industry professionals.


Prominent emerging leaders from lending institutions and CRE brokerages across North America shared their insights of how technology is enabling the CRE Debt Industry and gave their advice on how to succeed in commercial real estate for those who are just starting their career journey.

Q2 2021

How Innovation will enable Real Estate of the Future? 

PropTech has been a hot industry lately and the pandemic is speeding up a tech evolution that was already underway. From streamlined operations to automated systems and processes, strategically adopting the right tech solutions is now critical for the real estate industry.


Some of the brightest minds in PropTech shared their insights of how innovation is changing the Commercial Real Estate and what we need to know to stay on top of the industry current and future trends.

Q1 2021

CRELA Webinar - "Has there been a Paradigm Shift in the CRE Industry?"


Work From Home has become more common over last 12 months. There are many examples of this but to mention a few: Shopify is letting its 7,000 employees work remotely, Aviva - the UK based insurance group - is instituting “Smart” working policy (closing some offices and allowing employees to log in from home and smaller redesigned offices), HSBC is predicting a 40% reduction in its office footprint, Lloyds is projecting a 20% cut in office space. On the other hand, you have David Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs, who is calling remote work an “aberration” that will not last.

Q3 2020

Before, Now & Future Of COVID Lending


"Total REIT returns by property type over the past 12 months are industrial at +11per cent, residential at -10 per cent, retail and office at -17 per cent, seniors housing at -30 per cent, diversified at -36 per cent and hospitality at -60 per cent.” At the same time the YTD equity raise number is at a meagre $1.5B second lowest since 2008 and the equity raise by sector also mimics the returns above for e.g., majority of capital raised is in the Industrial REIT sector and none in Retirement/Hotel sector."

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