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Amar is dedicated and committed to making a difference in the lives of poor and underprivileged children. He is the Founder & CEO of leading CRE debt software.

It is a herculean task but Amar believes that every bit of effort makes a difference and sows the seed of change that one day will change the world.

Growing up in India, travelling to under-developed countries and due to some personal experiences, he realized how blessed life is in certain parts of the world and how unfair it can be for others.

Professionally, Amar held up the Debt Capital Markets Group at JLL Canada and has held senior positions within several large Canadian Financial Institutions. In the recent past, he also launched a successful Medical and Health care Business.

Amar loves boxing for fitness and is very passionate about helping children in need.

hira mubasher

Hira spearheads transformative talent strategies rooted in agility and innovation as the Head of Global Talent at a Tech company. With a career spanning over 15 years, she has pioneered high-impact business and culture shifts across North America, Asia, and EMEA. Hira’s expertise lies in holistic leadership, driving performance mindsets, and fostering inclusive cultures.


From her formative years, Hira has been deeply ingrained in charitable endeavours and mentoring initiatives. Growing up in Pakistan, she cultivated a profound commitment to philanthropy, particularly in areas concerning childhood education and development. This dedication has shaped her trajectory, infusing every professional endeavour with a sense of purpose and social responsibility.


As a co-founder, Hira channels her passion for philanthropy into guiding EDUCATE towards meaningful impact and sustainable growth. Her strategic acumen, coupled with her unwavering dedication to social causes, fuels the startup's mission to make a tangible difference in communities worldwide.

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Dr. Fernando Quintero
Team Member

Fernando Quintero was born in Manizales in 1.966, is the 7th of 14th siblings. Since he was young he had to work for the daily sustenance for himself and his family. He left his house when he was 8 years old and for 2 years he lived in the streets of Bogota. As fate, he went to Vichada where he started his middle school.

During two years he worked as a coordinator in a centre for 35 drug-addicted children in Ecuador, where he found the money to start his medical studies at the Javeriana University. After he came back to Bogota he applied to the Javeriana University and won a scholarship for medicine which he had to pay with social work in the libraries and archives.

When he became a doctor, he decided to give his life, career and knowledge to the needy. 

Father Omar Sanchez
Team Member

Padre Omar, as we love to call him, is a man with a big heart and gentle soul. He was a successful lawyer and had moved to New York where he had bright potential but he had the awakening and like the "monk" who sold his Ferrari - Padre Omar decided to do something better. He moved back to Peru and started the Association/Mission in a small room with one kid which now has quickly grown to over 70 kids.


His good work is very understated - only visible through the love he gets from the children and hugs he gets from his team of young supporters. He lives at the house with the children and eats with them - 3 meals a day. 


He has truly made an invaluable difference in the lives of these children. 

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